Week 1 is finished, and I wanted to post an update. I’ll be doing updates periodically throughout the course of the league.

We had a great turnout especially for starting in the middle of the holiday season. Thanks so much to everyone who has come out and shown interest. We already have a lot of new faces which is awesome and why I started the league to begin with.

So far, we had a total of 24 people register for the league and 33 games played. That’s awesome! All of the games so far were played at one of our League Stores with Wonkos leading the way with 22 amount of games played. If you can’t make it out to a store, keep in mind you can play games at home even against someone that isn’t participating in the league.

Advancement Caps

As I mentioned before the league started, Path to Glory is a super loose system designed to get models on the table and people playing games quickly. It’s really meant to play over the course of a day or weekend so balance isn’t the best. I made some changes to try and stretch it out and re-establish balance, but we still broke it in just a day. I hate changing this so early, but I want games to be as fair and fun as possible. Going forward, we’re going to go with the following maximums on upgrades:

The rules for creating a warband haven’t changed. Remember, you can add whatever unit you want. It’s your choice. If you select an award, that needs to be rolled for and you should have your opponent verify the roll. Obtaining and spending Glory Points remains the same.

You also need to total up the point cost for your army and write that on your roster. When you are playing your opponent compare the points values of your warbands. Whoever has less points, gains rerolls and other advantages. See the table below:

Re-rolls can be used on any roll with the exception of rolling to see who goes first at the start of a battle round. You cannot re-roll a failed re-roll.

New missions were added the week. Roll on the below table to see what mission you get to play.

There were also several achievement award completed that will be handed out this week. Hope to see ya’ll at Wonkos!