Here’s the final update for the Austin AoS League. In total, we had 31 people registered for the league. There were 257 games that were reported across 5 gaming stores in 3 months. For a first time league it was a huge success and I can’t wait for stores to reopen so we can start the next one.

Monthly Champions

Without further adieu here are our top players in Battle, Community, and Hobby. Each winner receives a $20 gift card from Game Kastle.

Texas Masters Champion Matt Robisch easily took highest in battle points in February. Ties went to wins and losses, and Matt beat out Eli and Bryan who were tied for second.

We had quite a few people maxed out on Community Points. Ties go to player recruitment and Bryan Faber takes it home.

Hobby points were close between Matt Robisch and Patrick Bulson. Tiebreaker goes to units painted which Matt won, but he already won for highest Battle Points so Hobby Points for February goes to Patrick.

League Champions

Over the course of the entire league, here are the top 10 placings in Battle, Community, and Hobby.

Everyone that finished in the top 10 in one of the three categories was entered into a random draw. You each win a $10 gift card for Dragon’s Lair. The winners are: Dan Hall, Dimitri Hochard, Jacob Hess, Richard Simões, Spencer Miller, and Stephen Mason.

I have a 1 year subscription to AoS Reminders to give away to a new player. Congratulations to Sydney Stockdale.

Creature Caster Miniatures

I also had some miniatures donated by Chris “Ski” Wroblewski from Creature Caster. First up we have 2 Matriarch of Ecstasy – Priestesses.

These were given out as a random draw to anyone that registered for the Austin Age of Sigmar League. Our two winners are: Elijah Ramos and Ryan Hilton.

Ski also donated a Matriarch of Ecstasy – Feral.

These is a special release model as it also comes with a scenic base and 2 slaves in chains (not pictured). Our winner for this model is: Will Bond.

Huge thanks to Ski for donating these models. Do him a solid and follow his channel on Twitch.

Renaissance Man

Last, and certainly not least, is our Renaissance Man award. This award was for the person who maxed each category in all 3 months of the league. There were actually 2 people who achieved this. Congratulations to Matt Robisch and Gene Radebaugh. Matt wins a $20 gift certificate for Game Kastle and Gene wins a $20 gift certificate for Wonkos.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and throwing dice with us. We’ve got a great community here. Hopefully we can get back to that soon. You have 1 week to claim your prizes. Just reach out to me via direct message on Discord. If you don’t claim your prize by then, it’ll go to the next person that placed or I’ll do another random draw.

Stay safe everyone. Hope to see ya’ll soon!