We just finished off our second month of the Austin AoS League. Things were a bit slower with a lot of us doing tournament prep for The Texas Masters. Congratulations goes out to Matt Robisch who went 5-0 on the weekend and came home as the best player in the singles event.

League results for January are in! In Battle Points it should come as no surprise that the top AoS player in Texas brings this one home. Tie breaker for Battle Points goes to wins and losses and Matt Robisch secured victory with a comfortable 3 game lead over Gene Radebaugh.

Hobby Points weren’t even close. Newcomer Patrick Bulson blew everyone out of the water. Tie breaker goes to units painted (and yes, they do play better) and Patrick had it easily secured. He painting twice as much as Gene Radebaugh who again came in second place.

In Community Points, Gene Radebaugh finally goes from bridesmaid to bride. Tie breaker goes to the person who recruited the most new players. Only one new player was recruited last month and Gene wins it on the tiebreaker.

I finally completed the herculean task of compiling Hobby Points from our first month. Tie breaker on hobby goes to units painted. This one goes to Kris Foster who just edged out Elijah Ramos who came in second place.

All the first place winners mentioned above win a $20 gift card. See me and I’ll get that to you.

Our last month is being played at 1,500 points. If you prefer to play smaller games, that’s fine. Just check with your opponent. All games played will count toward the league.

Note: There is no army composition for 1,500 points in the Core Rulebook. I’ve modified the chart and added a new Phalanx-sized game. Consult the graphic below when constructing your army: