So you registered for the Austin AoS League? Awesome! This whole Path to Glory thing is really confusing. I have no idea how to create my warband. It’s not too bad once you get the hang of it, but in this post I’m going to walk you through it.

Step 1: Download the Path to Glory Roster.

Step 2: Select your Allegiance.
In this example, I’m going to be creating an Ossiarch Bonereapers warband. I’ll write Ossiarch Bonereapers on my roster under Allegiance. Warbands don’t start with Glory Points so I’ll write a 0 in the Total Glory Points box.

Note: If you are playing Blades of Khorne, Seraphon, Slaves to Darkness, or Sylvaneth, there are some additional rules here.

Step 3: Select your Champion.
For Ossiarch Bonereapers I can pick from the following:

Next to the Champion’s type, there is a column for Follower Rolls. This is how many followers you start with. I’m going to choose a Liege-Kavalos. On my roster under Champion I’ll write Liege-Kavalos for Warscroll. If my Champion had options for weapons, I would write them in the Options & Rewards section.

Step 4: Select your Followers.
Looking on the chart above, a Liege-Kavalos gives me 3 Follower Rolls. For the league, we are not rolling randomly for Followers. Players can select what units they want. These are my options:

First, I’ll select a unit of 10 Mortek Guard. According to the chart, this uses 2 rolls, or 1 roll and 1 Glory Point. Since you don’t start with any Glory Points adding this unit will cost me 2 of my 3 rolls.

Looking at the Warscroll for Mortek Guard, the unit can be armed with either a Nadirite Blade and Shield; or Nadirite Spear and Shield. Also, 1 in every 10 models can replace the unit’s weapon option with a Soulcleaver Greatblade.

I’m going to arm them with Nadirite Blade and Shield and also take a Soulcleaver Blade. On my roster under Followers I’ll write 10 Mortek Guard where it says Type & Size. Under options, I’ll write Nadirite Blade and Shield, 1 Soulcleaver.

Note: At no point during Path to Glory can you have more than 2 units from the same Warscroll. You can start with 2 of the same unit or add one later on bringing the total to 2 (more on that in a future post), but you cannot have 3 units from the same Warscroll unless you have used up all other options.

Step 5: Finish making Follower selections.
I have one more Roll to spend and you need to spend all Rolls to create your initial warband. I can choose another Follower that costs 1 Roll from the tables above. Alternatively, I have the option of starting with a Champion or Follower Reward.

Each reward also costs 1 Roll and starting warbands are limited to a maximum of 1 Reward per unit. I want my Champion to be more effective in battle, so I select a Champion reward and consult the Liege-Kavalos Rewards Table.

Rewards are granted by the fickle dice gods and are rolled for. We’re using the honor system, so I roll a D6 and get a result of 4. Looking at the table, I see that my Champion gains the Hatred of the Living ability. On my roster I check one of the boxes that says Champion’s Award and write Hatred of the Living under Liege-Kavalos in the space provided.

Step 6: Name your Warband and Units.
This is an optional step, but earns you 1 hobby point for the league. I name my Liege-Kavalos Ksathra, my Mortek Guard the Crimson Blades, and my warband Ksathra’s Enlivened. I write all of that down on my roster.

Step 7: Make any final selections.
If I have a wizard, I need to select his spells. Since I don’t have a wizard, my warband for Path to Glory is complete and ready to rage across the game stores of Austin claiming victory! My final Path to Glory roster looks like this:

Wait, that’s it?

Yes, that’s it. Path to Glory is designed to get people playing games quickly by getting models on the table. I don’t select Command Traits as my leader is a lowly Champion. I don’t start with an artifact (you may attain one as a reward later as you play more games). I don’t select Endless Spells (they are too powerful at this level). And finally, I don’t need to concern myself with how many points my warband costs.

What’s Next?

In my next post I’ll go over the pre-battle sequence, provide battleplans, and go over how to play games of Path to Glory.